How Md Lash Factor works and how to use it? My personal experience. May 2013

How Md Lash Factor works?

Get the lashes you'll love and that will amaze the Md Lash Factor way. This patented formula helps your get thicker, fuller, longer looking lashes in as little as 30 days! By combining the latest technology in skin care science with safe ingredients, New MD Lash Factor Eyelash Conditioner helps you get results. Md Lash Factors special cytokine complex provides your eyelashes with the nutrients necessary to develop fuller, thicker, longer looking lashes. Thiotaine, a powerful muchroom-derived peptide, helps protect and nourish your eyelashes to allow them to develop to their fullest potential. Plus, you can fell safe using Md Lash Fctaor Eyelash Conditioner because it is ophthalmologist-tested and prostaglandin free.

How to use it?

Make sure your eyes are clean of any make up or mascara. it is best to apply in the evenings. Pump the brush once and apply to both eyelids (between eyelid and eyelash) as if you are applying eyeliner. One pump is effective for both eyelids. Be sure to apply to every evening for the best results.

My personal experience.

I started seeing a difference in my eyelashes after only 2 weeks of applying the product in the evenings. Having being blessed with already long eyelashes I was more curious to see the results and the difference it would make - as my clients love this product. The growth in my eyelashes was so dramatic, that just about every second client commented on them and actually asked if they were eyelash extensions! I would have to tug on them to prove they were not.

I have started to use this product every secong night as my results have been so dramatic and the effect has stayed continous. I love what Md Lash Factor did for me!

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