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Mama Mio is a range of body products designed to address the everyday body concerns of women everywhere. You may think that Mama Mio only specialise in helping women through pregnancy, but as the creators have moved on through life and their skincare needs have changed, Mama Mio has moved on too.

Why are Mama Mio the best at what they do?

Every Mama Mio product is paraben free, petroleum free, phthalates free, sodium laureth and sodium lauryl sulphate free, colourant free, synthetic fragrance free and xenoestrogen free. If it's a nasty, it's a no-no. Even the fragrances are natural.  All active ingredients are included at their highest recommended level so they do really work. Mama Mio knows that their products are their advertisements and if you love them you will spread that love. This is how they have grown over the past five years. With a firm belief that every single product you use must make you feel absolutely gorgeous - be it a cellulite cream or a wrinkle cream, it should be a lovely part of your skincare regime that you look forward to every day.

Why they were specially selected ?

Mama Mio is a very personal creation which was founded in London by 4 beauty experts Sian, Tanya, Kathy and Jill. Throughout the years of working in the beauty industry, these women built a wealth of knowledge and contacts, so when they had their first major skincare challenge (the birth of Sian's son Charlie!) these women knew exactly what to do.

Sian's pregnancy was the catalyst for the very first Mama Mio product; Tummy Rub. Over the next twelve years, and seven children later, they continued to selfishly formulate the products they needed to guide them through the minefields of pregnancy skincare concerns. In 2006 they decided to share their personal favourites with the world and Mama Mio was born.

Mama Mia claim to be the most selfish brand you will ever meet, as they create products for themselves, to solve the skincare issues that they want to overcome. They use the very, very best ingredients, at the highest potency to ensure that every product really works. Every product smells and feels fantastic.

Featured in many top magazines, it is easy to see why Mama Mio is now sold in 8 countries and used in 150 top spas.

Hero Product

Get Waisted works by increasing lipolysis, the breakdown of stored fat, in the fat cells within your skin. It will reduce fat cells and give you a sleeker silhouette - in just 30 days! Be confident and feel gorgeous in your bikini this year with a little help from Mama Mio, your best choice to firm and tone. This fantastic product is packed with 9 active ingredients to reduce fat cells and tighten and firm tummy flab.


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