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Full set acrylic tips R300
Gel overlay and full pedicure R330

In a world where first impressions can either make or break you, grooming oneself has become an essential part of our lives. One such part of the body which goes through extensive grooming are our nails,  and so nail extensions and using products like gel and acrylic on our nails have come in to existence.

 What are acrylic nails? 

The beauty industry has benefited from acrylic nails for a considerably long time which was perhaps due to their utmost popularity. It can be applied over a nail or at the tip of a nail as an extension. It is a mixture of liquid monomer and a powder polymer which is applied over the nails and hardens in a matter of minutes when exposed to air. This mixture creates a hard protective layer over the natural nails and is capable of being moulded in to any preferred shape.

What are gel nails?

While there are two types of gel nails known as the light cured gel nails, which need to be cured under an ultra violet light and the no-light gels which require no UV light to be cured, the most popular type in the market is the light cured gel nail. The gel nails are made from chemicals which are part of the acrylic family but it consists of different chemicals and gives the nails a more natural look. Gel nails are applied on the nails in several layers of which each and every layer must be cured under a UV light for it to set.  The no-light gels cure with a gel activator which is brushed or sprayed onto the nail while some are cured by dipping into plain water. At Soma Laser and Skincare Clinic we use Bio sculpture as well as Progel as our gels of choice.

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