Laser Hair Removal

Area / These areas are treated every 4 weeks



Lip R190  
Chin R190  
Brows R190  
Cheeks R270  
Neck R220-R270  
Laser Full Face R500  

Area / These areas are treated every 6 to 8 weeks


7 Treatments (2 Free)

Bikini 1 R600 R3,000
Bikini 2 R800 R4,000
Full bikini R1,100 R5,500
½ leg exc. Knee R1,500 R7,500
½ Leg R1,800 R9,000
Full leg R3,500 R17,500
Full back R3,000 R15,000
Chest R1,300 R6,500
Tummy R1,300 R6,500
Full arm R1,500 R7,500
Under arms R500 R2,500
  • Please shave before your treatments
  • Always use recommended sunscreen
  • Men’s hair removal on consultation

Skin Rejuvenation

Full face R1,350
Neck R950
Chest R1,200
Face/Neck/Chest                R2,150
Hands R550
½ Arms R850
Full Arms R1,600

Dermalogica Treatments

Teen Facial Treatment   45min R390
Classic Facial   60min R480
Specialised Facial   75min R590
Anti-Ageing Facial   75min R750
Dermalogica Back Treatment                  60min R550

Dermalogica - IonActive Treatment

Ageing / Acne 45min R580
Brightening / Dehydration / Sensitised   45min R490

Lamelle Skin Peels  (15min)

Acne, pigmentation, age correction and age prevention are all skin
concerns that can be treated successfully with skin peeling. An
improvement will be visible in superficial lines, uneven skin tone and
acne breakouts. A course of 6 peels is recommended for best results.
Lactic firm R440
Beta 15% R480
Beta 15% (2layers) R550
Beta 20% R500
Beta 30% R550
Beta Plus 15% R480
Beta Plus20% R500
Beta Plus 30 R550
Alpha 20% R500
Alpha 30% R550
Retistore R700


Full face            R1,300
Full face and neck R1,500
  • Stretch marks on consultation

Skin Tightening

Area                 P/Session
Full face R1,800
Eyes R460
Mouth R460
Neck   R1,100


Full face R500
Include in a facial                R250


Brows R90
Lip/Chin R75
Full face                 R300


Back/Neck/Shoulder             (30min) R220
Full Body (60min) R420

Brows and Lashes

Eyebrow shape R55
Eyebrow tint R55
Eyelash tint R65
Brow shape and tint              R100
Lash and brow tint R110


Price dependant on area, minimum R150              


Bio Sculpture gel nails R320
Bio Sculpture gel toes R240
Fill (2/3/4 weeks) R185/R235/R270
Colour change R60
Progel nails  R215
Progel toes R200
Fill (2/3/4 weeks) R130/R155/R170
Colour change R40
Nail Art R30-R100
Nail Fix R30
Full set acrylic R360
Full set acrylic with colour gel/progel              R410/R380
Gel/Progel full pedicure R390/R350
Gel/Progel full manicure R430/R370
Gel/Progel mini pedicure R340/R310
Gel/Progel mini manicure R390/R350
Soak off  R90
Soak off and redo R50
Buff and seal    R100
Nail/Toe paint R100
Manicure R240
Mini manicure    R155
Pedicure R260
Mini pedicure R175
Surgiheel/Include in pedi  R160/R70


Full leg                                 R220
¾ Leg R190
½ Leg R170
Bikini   R135
G-String Bikini R195
Brazilian  R250
Underarm    R115
Lip/Chin/Brows   R55
½ Arm R155
Full Arm R180

Mens Waxing

 Back                                   R260
Chest/Tummy R200
Full leg R290
Arm R215



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