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Special: Receive 5% off the Md Lash Factor TM (6 month) 

Full, voluminous eyelashes have long been one of the trademarks of true beauty. Scientifically formulated by Dr. Susan F. Lin, MD Lash FactorTM is the natural way to give your own lashes a glamorous transformation. It is ideal for people with thinning lashes, or for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their eyelashes naturally. Unlike false eyelashes or messy mascaras that create only an illusion of longer lashes, MD Lash FactorTM works to enhance your eyelashes natural beauty. Whether your lashes are thinning because of a nutritional imbalance, medical treatments, or harsh detergents, this proven formula can help restore your eyelashes to their full potential.

MD Lash FactorTM has been shown to improve the appearance of lash length, thickness, and fullness--with eye-opening results in as little as one week for some patients.

MD 101 is exactly the same formulation as MD Lash FactorTM

It is also a safe and gentle way to restore fullness to thinning eyebrows.

 MD Lash FactorTM 

A unit will last 6-8 months

Price R2000


MD 101  

A unit will last for 3-5 months. 

Price R1300


Safe for contact lens wearers


Gentle formulation

Ophthalmologist tested

Dermatologist tested

Paraben free




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